Getting closer to the crystal ball – 4 facts about data analysis

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Getting closer to the crystal ball – 4 facts about data analysis

Do you know what data analysis is really like at OP, Elisa or Tieto? Or what inspires data analysts according to Fortum? How about the fact that data analysis at Elo is like a startup inside a big company? We gathered 4 burning facts about data analysis in the Data360 companies: OP, Elisa, Tieto, Fortum and Elo!


1. Towards better decisions

In data analysis, the main goal is to make better decisions to improve operations and functions. For example at Tieto, data analysis focuses on getting evidence for better planning on what to do and how to proceed efficiently.

“Data itself is not valuable. It’s how you use it and what for that counts.” Samuel Harju-Jeanty, Head of Data and Analytics, Elisa

Data is at the top of our interest very strongly these days and we have a constant will to keep developing new things in all areas.” -Pasi Ruhanen, Senior Manager at Data, OP


2. Data usage going through a revolution 

“The potential of data and data analysis has been noticed widely.– New needs arise constantly.” -Samuel Harju-Jeanty, Head of Data and Analytics, Elisa

Data and its analysis are rapidly changing and going through a revolution. That is why Elo underlines that bringing new knowledge and up to date, fresh skills to the table is highly desirable. Sami Aho points out that at Elo they understand the quick cycles of development in the field which why everyone’s top priority is to constantly learn:

The dream is to find a young talent who tells us how to do this in the future and not the other way around.” -Sami Aho, Quantitative Analyst, Elo.


3. Wanted: Versatile skillset

“Nowadays data experts need a comprehensive understanding of analytics, mathematics and informatics.” Kristiina Söderholm, Lead of Fortum Digital Transformation

A strong mathematical background, knowhow in modelling and in statistical methods, and logical thinking are emphasized by Tieto and OP.  Elo underlines an analytical way of thinking and finding cause and effect relationships – analytical skills are a must for all candidates applying to these companies in data roles.

Also a set of certain technical skills is needed. For example, R is a widely applied tool at least at OP, Tieto and Elo. Tieto also mentioned Python and SPSS as important tools for statistical modeling and data analysis. For Elo, MongoDB and C++ are highly important and knowing these tools would be a glorious plus for a candidate.

“We look for versatility in people: being able to understand the technical side of things but to use that knowledge in business development” -Pasi Ruhanen, Senior Manager at Data, OP

Working in data analysis does not only mean mathematics and computer work but also a lot of interaction with people and using the data to develop the business.

“We work closely with our clients, and the clients want results cost-efficiently and fast.” -Sanna Keskioja, Head of Analytics, Tieto


4. Changing the big picture

Data analysis is a way to forecast and to build new things – a way to change the big picture. Elo brings up that creativity is very essential since they are building their own database – one must be creative and open-minded. Sami Aho, Santtu Saijets and Saku Sairanen work in a team that is almost like a finance start up inside Elo – their team is constantly creating new ways and solutions to develop Elo.

It (data analysis) is a continuous improvement model to get closer and closer to the crystal ball.” -Sanna Keskioja, Head of Analytics, Tieto

“You need to be an open-minded problem solver.” -Sami Aho, Quantitative Analyst, Elo

Data analysts are inspired by two things: how they can influence the big picture and how they can help.” – Kristiina Söderholm, Lead of Fortum Digital Transformation, Fortum


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