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AktiaSummer 2022

It’s that time of the year again! AktiaSummer recruitment event sets the scene for Aktia’s 2022 summer job interviews for banking, finance, and tech roles.

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Job interview: a thriller or a success story?

This year, the 2022 AktiaSummer recruitment event will be held at Svenska Teatern on January 25th at 15:00. The event brings all summer job applicants together for a meet-and-greet and job interviews with Aktia’s representatives. It’s a great chance to get to know the people – perhaps your future colleagues – and the company in a friendly atmosphere.

In the event, you will get a chance to network with Aktia staff and learn more about Aktia’s business through discussions and presentations, and of course, put on a show in speed dating job interviews. You don’t have to be a Hollywood star to make a great impression, as long as you remember to be yourself!

Apply only using your resume

Applying for the event is super simple. Just send us your CV (yup, a resume is all you need) through the aTalent application system by January 2nd, 2022 and you're in consideration. We will invite the most potential candidates to the event. Interviews in the later stages will be handled by Aktia.

I think my job at Aktia is interesting and it supports what I’m studying well.

Elina Uotila, Junior Business Analyst

What's it like to work at Aktia as a summer trainee?

Aktia and their working culture is a fresh change in the scene, whether the talk is about their digital innovations or easy-going working culture. To get to the bottom of their culture, we chatted with Junior Business Analyst Elina Uotila and Junior System Specialist Janne Mustonen.

Read Elina's and Janne's interview

A few good reasons to apply at Aktia

Awesome colleagues and team spirit

No one will be left alone – everything we do at Aktia is based on teamwork. We work over and across team boundaries, share information, and give feedback. We trust each other and respect our colleagues. Working together brings us joy, which transcends to our customers.

Learn from the best in the business

Brush up your skills and knowledge of the finance industry together with our experts, and start clearing a path towards becoming an expert in the field. We’ve got you covered with chances to grow and learn, as long as you’re courageous enough to take them!

Working alongside studies? No problem!

The summer job roles are diverse and offer synergy for many kinds of educational backgrounds. As an employer, Aktia is flexible with working hours, so your studies won’t be affected. Many summer trainees stay after summer and work in part-time roles alongside studies.

Checked your resume? You’re all set to apply!