Wanna be a mothaf*ckin’ snake? Anders is now looking for a baby snake aka Junior Python Developer for their offices in Turku or Helsinki.

Welcome to the jungle, we have fun and awesome open source code

Are you starting your career as a developer and you have experience working with Python, Django, React and/or Javascript? Then welcome to the snake pit. Anders is one of the top Python-houses and one of the fastest growing tech companies in Finland. There you’ll have the chance to evolve from a small baby snake to a fast and dynamic Python (developer).

With the guidance of your own, personal mentor you’ll work in a variety of different projects. This year’s projects have involved for example:

  • creating open source services for public administrations using Django and React
  • building an underwater information system for divers with React.js, Leaflet, LESS and Webpack technologies
  • building a modern Django based web platform and a Magento based web-shop and making integrations to third-party systems with .NET

So not only do you get a chance to become fluent in Python, but you will also have the chance to work with and learn more about other modern technologies.

“I’ve had it with these mothaf*ckin’ snakes in this mothaf*ckin’ office!”

You’ll never hear that sentence at Anders. Mainly because baby snakes and grown-up snakes in Anders are their greatest asset and the company looks after them. In 2017 Anders was listed in the Great Place to Work ranking the 5th best in Finland and this isn’t the first time they’ve been awarded a place in the top 10. The success comes from a mutual respect where employees get support in their professional development and they get to be a part of developing the company. When you want to learn more about working at Anders, read what one of their senior developers Frank has to say about it.

So you want to slither in?

Applying is easy. With just a couple of clicks from the link below, you can leave your application. We will interview and invite top 10 potential baby snakes to Anders’ snake nest in Helsinki where you will get to hang out with Anders’ staff and learn cool IoT stuff. During that afternoon workshop, you’ll learn from grown-up snakes the basics on how to build and connect microcontroller based devices to the Internet. You’ll also get to tinker with tools that are used in home automation and remote sensing.

The event will be held on Wednesday the 7th of November so clear your calendar for that afternoon. By joining us at the event you’ll have the chance to talk with your possible future colleagues and learn about IoT. Anders is a good host and will offer snacks and beverages to participants.

After the event, the process continues with Anders’ own code test and interviews. We hope that the new hatchling is ready to start in December.

Open positions

Anders, one of the top Python houses and one of the fastest growing tech companies in Finland, is now looking for a Junior Python Developer!

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