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Trainee programs

A customized trainee program helps you reach and engage future talents near their graduation.

Why use Trainee programs?

Do you want future talents to commit to your organization already during their studies or immediately after graduation? A well-executed trainee program builds your brand within your specific target audience. We help you succeed in this from concept to application.

aTalent made sure I was getting the compensation I deserved while coaching me to be the best applicant I can be.

Sakari Kolehmainen


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Key benefits

Committed employees give you long-term benefits in helping your organization grow.

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Commit future talents.

Introducing your company to the brightest talents already during their studies, they will commit to you after graduating.

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Assess compatibility.

A possibility for both parties to get to know each other before longtime employment.

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Maintain your employer branding.

Provide the best talents with unforgettable experiences and keep your company fresh in their minds.

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How it works

We build and customize a program that inspires and attracts young talents – now and in the future.

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Concept and coordination.

We take care of project management including e.g. scheduling, coordination, planning and execution.

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Impactful marketing.

We create the core messages and a comprehensive communication plan for the program. With the help of our marketing channels and networks, we achieve a wide reach within the core target group.

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Unique recruitment process.

We define the sought after positions, take care of all applications and maintain great applicant experience through active communication. Together with a lean application process and an Assessment Day, we provide a unique experience to all applicants.

Consider it an investment into future success.

With a trainee program, you can provide young talents with a foothold in your organization and you get a chance to test cultural fit in an authentic work environment. If executed well and recurrently, a trainee program will create highly committed future employees with low turnover rates.

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