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As the Official Recruitment Partner of Junction, aTalent offers help for everyone who applied to Junction to land their dream job whether they got into this years event or not. On this page you’ll find useful tips and secrets regarding job search and landing your dream position in the world of IT and tech.

How can we help you?

aTalent has executed successful IT recruitments for nearly 25 years. Our customers vary from small startups to large multinational companies, which gives us great insight into the world of employers. From the other point of view we’re strongly connected to the community of young talents searching for a opportunities. In other words, we know the both worlds and we work as the bridge between. Read further and catch the best benefits we offer!

Hackathons are a great but not the only way to land your dream job.

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Things to remember when searching for a job:

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Only relevant opportunities

At aTalent you'll find only relevant job opportunities. Our goal is relevancy and offering right people the right jobs that they truly are interested in and which fit skillset.

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How to land a dream job?

At aTalent we offer you support throughout the job seeking process. From the link below you'll find our recruiter's best tips for searching and landing your dream job!

Tips for the job seekers

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It's all about networks

One of the most effective ways to finding a job is to get to know people and grow your networks. The international Junction community is a great place to start getting to know like minded and interesting people!

Familiarize yourself with Junction community