Next Gen Marketing Professionals

Next Gen Marketing Professionals is here again! It’s a diverse, educational training program provided by Aalto EE (Aalto University Executive Education). The aim of the program is to uphold the high standards of Finnish marketing expertise.

This 8-month program is meant for recent or soon-to-be graduates from universities and universities of applied sciences, offering them the opportunity to become a next generation marketing professional. The program runs from September 2018 to April 2019 and during that time the trainees get a unique chance to work and train with marketers from one of the top Finnish brands: Valio, DNA or Roschier.

“I got the chance to see marketing from different aspects, develop myself in various assignments and to a suitable degree also got out of my own comfort-zone”

The Next Gen Marketing Professionals program also includes training days organized by Aalto EE, during which the trainees will learn more about themes such as project management, marketing analytics, and self-leadership. These training days also give the trainees a chance to share their insights and knowledge with each other. Trainees will also get an experienced mentor, to support them in their personal development. In cooperation with two of the biggest agencies in Finland, Dagmar and SEK, trainees will get a glimpse of the world of marketing agencies and how it feels to work on the other side of the table.

Are you ready to hop aboard and dive into the world of marketing?

Read more about the program and application process from the link below.


Application period: Tue 29.5. – Sun 17.6.
Video interviews: Tue 19.6. – Wed 20.6.
Invitations to Assessment Day: Tue 26.6.
Assessment Day: Thu 28.6.
Recruitment decisions: by Fri 6.7.
Programme starts: Mon 3.9.2018
Programme ends: Tue 30.4.2019

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