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Ready, Get Set, Code

Picture an old brick building from 1930’s, dimmed lights,music from light funk to deep house, dozens of computers, the s...

17.12.2018 Linda Grönlund 4 min read

Kimmo Turula Neagen Oy

When Kimmo Turula was finishing up his computer science studies at the University of Oulu, he applied to Neagen Oy. He h...

Anders Innovations työpaikkana, aTalent Recruiting

Frank has worked at Anders for 1,5 years. He studied computer science at Åbo Akademi and after his studies worked as a w...

Mies tietokoneen ääressä käyttämässä kännykkää

Pirkka Ollonqvist started his research career at VTT a year ago as a Master’s Thesis worker and continued working as a f...

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