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Should your company be hiring during economic uncertainty?

24.07.2020 | Mikko Matikka | Read time 7 min
The current economic uncertainty is reflecting on the day-to-day life of companies and their hiring. We at aTalent have been keeping our eyes peeled on the latest developments in the recruitment industry. In this blog article, we’re going to answer the most pressing questions our clients have lately asked us about recruiting.

Would you recommend recruiting right now?

Yes! There is an abundance of quality candidates on the market, who couldn’t be tempted for a job change in normal circumstances. In some industries, the competition for top talent is getting fierce. This is the case especially in health care, logistics, business, and IT markets.

A respected employer brand, active communication, and perks might be worth gold when these experts are making career moves in times like these. Consider partnering up with a recruiting company if you need to focus your management and HR resources on core business activities.

What kind of candidates are on the job hunt?

We have seen candidates activating their job hunt even in industries where top talent has been typically hard to find, such as sales and software development. Generally speaking, there is more senior-level talent available. Companies that are hiring now can gain a competitive edge in wowing the best talent to their ranks.

Which one would you recommend: Search & hire or temporary lease?

Search & Hire suits companies whose HR department needs support in reaching their target groups and passive job seekers, as well as handling large candidate pools. More open applications are coming in right now, so finding quality prospects and mapping out ideal candidate profiles can save you a lot of time and effort.

Temporary leasing is a great option if your company needs to add more personnel but can’t add them to the company payroll. It also eases the workload of your management and HR teams. The recruitment company will take care of the legal employer obligations for you, while you will save resources and pay for the completed work hours.

How should we maintain our employer brand if we can’t recruit?

We understand that some companies have no other option than to put recruiting on hold. If this happens to you, remember to keep your communication channels open and active. This ensures that your employer brand stays viable and credible in uncertain times.

Consider the talent’s perspective: The threshold for changing jobs is very high for most candidates, in an uncertain job market and during a lay-off. Stability is the key right now. Communicating transparently about new job openings signals of a healthy and secure employer.

  • What’s the job role?
  • What’s the length of the contract?
  • What kind of skills are required for the job?
  • Where is the job located?
  • What safety measures is your company taking during coronavirus?
  • Where does your company stand on remote work?

Remember to keep in touch with your applicants! Informing them about news on your company and the application process you will create a more trustworthy image for your company.

Should we recruit now or later?

Now is the time to recruit if you have the resources for it! When the job market ultimately recovers, the competition for top talent is going to explode wide open. Those companies who are out early will be able to catch the best candidates ahead of their competitors.

If recruiting poses too much of an economic challenge, consider the benefits of using temporary personnel lease. You can also use this time to modify your recruitment strategy: Did your past job ads reach the kind of talent you were looking for? A professional recruitment company can help you evaluate your recruiting strategies, identify ideal candidate profiles, and fine-tune your messaging for your target audiences. When the time comes to expand your roster, you’re ready to roll.

Can recruiting be done remotely?

Absolutely! Remote recruiting is here to stay. Since social distancing came to be, Zoom and Google Meet have become regular tools for working. As more and more companies and workers accustom to this new era of work, distance is becoming less of an issue in recruiting fresh talent.

To succeed in remote recruiting, it’s important to carefully plan the recruitment process. This way you can ensure that your candidate experience stays top-notch, whether you are meeting your future work buddies F2F or WFH.

If you are considering the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your recruiting and employer branding, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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