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Reach the right target group.

Our competitive advantage is the deep understanding of young professionals.

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Save time and resources.

Our skilled recruiters help you take care of the time-consuming and challenging parts of recruitment.

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Maintain a great applicant experience.

Applicant satisfaction is at the core of our business, so we offer each candidate personal feedback.

Our growth during autumn would not have been possible without aTalent's help.



Employer branding.

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Position yourself better in the job market.

Reach both active and passive job seekers and choose from a larger talent pool.

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Make recruiting faster and easier.

No need to pitch your company to job seekers – they will come to you.

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Find more committed employees.

A strong brand and shared values make more committed employees.

The atmosphere at Coding Factory was relaxed and everything was very well organized. The main focus was on learning and getting to know each other while working together, which was way better than the typical 'recruitment event vibe'.

Laura Kiviluoma,
People Operations Lead

@Houston Inc

Temporary lease.

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Flexibility to recruitment.

A fast and efficient solution when a recruitment need is surprising, the duration uncertain or the risk of failure too high.

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Minimize risks.

Make sure both parties are committed before initiating a long-term employment.

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Find talents for temporary needs.

A solution for summer or project work, substitutes and seasonal needs.

The process and service were outstanding, and the quality of aTalent’s top candidates was extremely high.

Elina Salminen, HR Manager

@Bearing Point

Trainee programs.

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Engage future talents.

Introducing your company to the brightest talents during their studies will engage them over graduation.

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Assess compatibility.

A possibility for both parties to get to know each other before long-term employment.

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Maintain your employer brand.

Provide the best talents with unforgettable experiences and keep your company fresh in their minds.

The aTalent team made sure I was getting the compensation I deserved, while coaching me to be the best applicant I can be.

Sakari Kolehmainen



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Recognise your need and target group.

We find out your needs and their matching profiles, as well as the selling arguments for your company.

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Create confidence in encounters.

Trust is everything in headhunting. We treat your information and that of our applicants as we would our own.

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Reach passive job seekers.

We reach those passive talents, who are already employed or highly sought after.

With aTalent, everything always runs smoothly and easily.

Julia Hämäläinen, Talent Lead, EMEA

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