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HR as a Service

HR as a Service fuels growth, creates extra resources for recruitment and onboarding, helps remove bottlenecks in HR processes, and supports renewing culture and keeping the employer brand fresh.

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Why choose HR as a Service?

Taking care of people is at the core of HR as a Service. The practical challenge it usually helps solve is the lack of resources. Our HR consultant can help take care of legal obligations related to HR and tasks related to the life cycle of employment relationships.

Our experienced aTalent professional supports business growth and develops employer branding. An external consultant is also the perfect choice when there’s a temporary need for a professional but recruiting someone for a fixed-term position isn’t an option.

Our customers

aTalent Recruiting, rekrytointiyrityksen brändikuva
aTalent Recruiting, rekrytointiyrityksen brändikuva
aTalent Recruiting, rekrytointiyrityksen brändikuva

Who is HRaaS for?

Growth companies

aTalent’s HR professional supports management when a company is growing rapidly. Our consultant can help establish smooth HR processes, build a HR function that fuels growth and help management and employees navigate through their busy work life.

Companies with a temporary need for external HR support

Using our HR professionals is a simpler option than recruiting and onboarding a new employee in a situation where one of your in-house key players is, for example, on parental leave or sabbatical leave. HRaaS is also a great way to outsource recruitment during a busy time.

Companies who want to refresh their culture

An external HR professional can bring in fresh insights and ideas for HR. That’s why HRaaS is beneficial when there’s a need to update existing processes or find new ways to engage personnel.

Companies who want to refresh their employer brand

In the labor market, competition for the best skills is fierce and the best talents can choose their workplace. Our HR consultants help companies identify their key strengths, communicate and market them to the right target audiences and attract the best experts in their business as well as develop employee experience.

HRaaS provides solutions and assistance for the following HR tasks

Employment life cycle

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Competence development
  • Remuneration and employee benefits
  • Development of employee experience
  • Exit discussions and termination of employment

Leadership and culture

  • Training supervisors in recruitment processes
  • Developing the image of the employer
  • Leading Millennials

Statutory employer responsibilities

  • Labor law and collective agreements
  • Development of occupational health cooperation and well-being
  • Work ability management and staff well-being
  • Statutory plans for personnel

Interested in HRaaS? We're here to help

Our HR professionals are happy to tell you more about HRaaS and how it can benefit your organization.

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