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HR as a Service fuels your company's growth and helps take care of its most important resources – people.

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What is HR as a Service?

HR as a Service is a service where you acquire the skills of an expert HR consultant instead of recruiting a permanent employee to your company's payroll. The consultant offers tools and solutions for developing the employee experience and management challenges, or acts as an additional resource for your team. The service is suitable, for example, for managing the life cycle of an employment relationship, streamlining HR processes, enhancing recruitment and onboarding or refreshing the organizational culture and employer brand.

Which HRaaS service model fits your needs?

Scale up your HR

Scale up your HR is designed for companies that need help creating or maintaining HR functions. We support the entire employment relationship in matters related to the life cycle of the employment relationship, HR development projects and support for managers.

The service can include:

  • Skills development
  • Performance management
  • Developing the employee experience
  • Developing the work culture from diversity and equality perspectives

People Growth

People Growth is designed for companies for which growth has been defined as the biggest goal in the next few years. The service helps with the challenges of finding, familiarizing and engaging new employees.

The service can include:

  • Strategic planning of core competencies
  • Creation of recruitment process and policies
  • Talent pool building and sourcing
  • Job interviews and personal evaluations
  • Planning and implementation of onboarding
  • Developing the employer brand

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is designed for companies that already have established HR processes and HR teams, but need additional resources or expertise.

The service can include:

  • Temporary posts for HR specialists
  • HR projects from recruitment to performance management
  • Strategic planning and implementation of summer work, trainee and graduate programs

Why choose aTalent as your HR partner?

Business mindset in HR

We boldly propose new, more agile ways of doing things if they support the growth of your business – we don't create processes for the sake of them. Our consultants know how to identify the challenges and bottlenecks that follow the expansion of your team from an HR point of view and support the management in decision-making and the introduction of new operating methods.

Extensive expertise at your disposal

We have experience in thousands of recruitments, employer branding and operative and strategic HR. Through our consultant, your company can access and take advantage of the know-how, tools and networks of the entire aTalent team of experts.

Service customization and agility

We are the most flexible operator on the market – you won't get bulk from us. We always tailor HR services to the customer's needs and aim for a deep understanding of the customer's business. Our consultants are already trained and have previously worked in various HR roles.

20years of experience

559recruitments (2022)

72NPS from clients (2022)

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