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Outsource the management of human resources agilely to an experienced HR specialist from aTalent.

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Interim HR is a service where you acquire the assistance of an aTalent HR specialist on an hourly billing basis instead of hiring a person onto your payroll. The service is suitable for both long-term and short-term needs - especially if your company does not yet have its own HR department. You will receive assistance with initiating and developing HR operations as well as addressing acute resource challenges. Our experts also serve as your advisors on employment matters, managerial tasks, and ensuring employee well-being.

Interim HR is particularly suitable for:

  • Companies without their own HR resources
  • Startups and growing companies
  • Temporary replacements and sudden workforce needs
  • Projects
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You'll have an HR expert by your side who possesses:

  • Insight, skills, and experience in creating effective personnel processes
  • The ability to adapt quickly to new operational environments and act professionally
  • The capability to take ownership of HR matters and generate ideas "outside the box"
  • The option to work part-time, full-time, on a temporary basis, or as an indefinite resource

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