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How to prepare yourself for a job interview

19.05.2021 | Mikko Matikka | Read time 4 min

As we all know, preparing yourself for a job interview can be quite nerve-wracking. That’s why our Recruitment Manager Milla Saari wanted to give out some tips to help you prepare for a meeting with a potential future employer!

Get to know the company and the team

Almost every company has its own website full of the latest news and important information that will help you to get to know your audience. How old is the company and how many employees work there? These are some basic questions that will help you get started.

By getting to know the future employer, you will be able to emphasize the right skills and ambitions and of course, show off your motivation by asking relevant questions and demonstrating that you have done your homework. Secondly don’t hesitate to search your supervisor or team members on Linkedin. You might be able to find common interests and positively relate to them.

Think about your interests and strengths in the position

Now when you have become familiar with the company, think about why you want to work there and why you applied for this particular job. Don’t just come up with reasons why you are fit for the role, but really think about your motivations. How could this job opportunity take you closer to your career goals? You might not fit the criteria for the role perfectly, but the most important thing is that you know what your strengths are in the position.

Be prepared to tell concrete and honest examples of how you demonstrate your skills in real-life situations. Companies look for potential for future development and good team players to fit their organisational culture. The best doesn’t always have to be the most experienced or skilled one.

Check the practicalities

Make sure you have carefully read the instructions for the meeting. Usually, the recruiter sends you instructions that include when and where the meeting is, so make sure you’ve received all the information. If the meeting is held online e.g. in Teams, Google meetings, Zoom, or Skype, make sure you have received the link and are able to log in and join the meeting. You should also check that the internet connection, camera, and microphone work accordingly. Attend the meeting in a calm and professional environment so there won’t be any distractions.

All in all, good preparation will help you concentrate on just being yourself at the meeting and simply enjoy the ride. Meeting up with a future employer can be scary, but it can also be inspiring and fun. Hope these tips will help you in your job hunt journey!

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