About us

We help businesses and people thrive by connecting bright talents with the right companies.

Our key attributes

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Satisfied customers

Our satisfied customers are at the very core of our business. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in every situation and thus offer a guarantee.

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Bright and value-driven talents

We understand and know the needs of our core focus group. We take extra care in supporting and helping them build their careers.

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Motivated and skilled team

We are a great place to work. We support our employees' development and wellbeing every day of the week. Our team is professional, honest and easygoing - in a good way.

About aTalent

What makes us different

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Our values

Three key values steer the course of our actions: continuous development, trust and empathy. Our values are visible in the quality of both the candidate and customer experience that we provide, and in our internal employee experience.

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Our background

aTalent was founded in 2004 in Otaniemi and is still today fully owned by student and alumni organisations - Prodeko, Prodeko Alumni and KY. We have grown 50% every year and have a strong ethical focus in our business.

The aTalent team is a great example of what good attitude, expertise and team spirit can achieve.

Niklas, CEO @aTalent

Meet our teams.

Engineering Business Unit

Our business unit specialized in technical and engineering recruitments helps our clients succeed in direct recruitment and employer branding. Positions vary from Automation Engineers to Manufacturing, Quality, R&D, Mechanics Designers and more.

Mia Paatsalo

Business Unit Director, Engineering

+358 50 468 0610

Mikaela Johansson

Recruitment Manager, Team Lead

+358 50 351 2400

Kaisu Korolainen

Senior Account Manager, Team Lead

+358 50 512 7101

Leo Joenperä

Key Account Manager

+358 45 359 9952

Aleksandr Maksimenko

Account Manager

+358 50 593 6308

Minna Ruohonen

Talent Research Specialist

+358 50 513 4642

Cécil Fagerström

Senior Recruitment Manager

+358 50 505 3170

Ella Maisonlahti

Recruitment Coordinator

+358 50 473 5058

Santeri Saarinen

Recruitment Coordinator

+358 50 523 7037


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Business Business Unit

Our business unit specialized in business profiles helps our clients succeed in direct recruitment and employer branding. Positions vary from finance roles to marketing, customer service, analyst, sales and support roles.

Salla Jortikka

Business Unit Director, Business

Mikko Lahti

Recruitment Manager, Team Lead

+358 40 049 5946

Anton Veijola

Account Manager, Team Lead

+358 50 505 1951

Rene Häkkinen

Sales Coordinator

+358 46 922 0808

Laura Seppä

Recruitment Manager, Talent Acquisition Specialist

+358 40 557 9389

Sara Bäcklund

Recruitment Manager

+358 50 477 9940

Ada Ikäheimonen

Talent Research Coordinator

+358 50 472 6726

Aino Järvenpää

Recruitment Coordinator

+358 50 468 9677


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IT Business Unit

Our business unit specialized in IT recruitments helps our clients in direct recruitment and employer branding. Positions vary from front-, back- and full stack developers to mobile developers, IT Architects, Project Managers and all the way to CTO roles.

Laura Isosomppi

Business Unit Director, IT

+358 44 557 7737

Samuel Muuronen

Account Manager, Team Lead

+358 50 330 8105

Anna Kerava

Recruitment Manager, Team Lead

+358 44 204 9486

Roope Paju

Sales and Systems Specialist

+358 50 576 8170

Otto Seppälä

Recruitment Consultant

+358 44 055 0317

Miili Reponen

Recruitment Manager, Talent Research Specialist

+358 50 475 4889

Laura Heikkinen

Talent Research Coordinator

+358 50 578 0750

Tiia Rontu


Ilona Koivulehto

Junior Recruitment Manager

+358 50 571 6195


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Support team

The support team includes the Management, Finance, IT and Marketing teams. Our job is to make sure our business units' work runs smoothly, by providing the right tools, access and support to succeed in their tasks.

Oliver Rotko

Marketing Specialist

Marja Karvinen

Marketing Specialist

+358 44 521 0995


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Board of directors

The key goal of the Board of Directors is to steer the company in the long run while focusing on strategic and financial decision-making. The board consists of experienced business professionals from varying fields.

Ilona Sippola

Chairman of the Board

Oula Järvinen

Member of the Board

Simo Suoheimo

Member of the Board

Sammeli Sammalkorpi

Vice Chairman of the Board

Jukka Kujala

Member of the Board

Paula Stelander

Member of the Board

Outi Herkepeus

Member of the Board

Advisory board

The Advisory Board consists of experienced and respected professionals, who support and guide the Board of Directors and the Management team in developing the company.

Piia-Noora Kauppi

Chairman, Managing Director, Federation of Finnish Financial Services FFI

Anitta Niemelä

Executive Business Coach, CEO at Anitta Niemelä Oy

Tuukka Seppä

Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

Tuomas Syrjänen

Co-founder at Futurice

Kirsi Piha

Chairman of the Board, Ellun Kanat

Sami Erviö

Chairman & partner, Odgers Berndtson Finland

Moaffak Ahmed

Angel Investor

Our office.

aTalent Recruiting

Kamppi, Autotalo 12th floor Salomonkatu 17 B


+358 50 344 8939 info@atalent.fi