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Alleviate the sense of insecurity regarding job continuity within your work community and safeguard your company's reputation as a good employer.

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What is outplacement?

Outplacement is a process designed to support employees in finding new employment opportunities during times of organizational change. To establish this process, we offer personalized job search coaching to your company's employees. These coaching sessions ensure that they have the best chances of continuing their careers, especially in cases of layoffs or redundancies. Implementing outplacement communicates respect and gratitude to employees for their service, making it a cornerstone of a positive employee experience.

Outplacement is a sensible investment when you want to:

  • Provide employees with up-to-date information to succeed in the job market
  • Offer employees a safe space to express feelings of uncertainty about their future job prospects
  • Ensure a positive employee experience among both departing employees and those remaining within the organization
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Our service can include

AoN assessments

We help identify employees' strengths, motivations, work styles, and areas for development.

Recognizing one's own skills

We help employees showcase their strengths to support their career development.

Preparation of job application documents

We create CV and cover letter templates, as well as LinkedIn profiles, utilizing the latest market insights.

Feedback on job application documents

We tailor an individualized CV and cover letter for the employee for a specific job position.

Building a LinkedIn profile

We assist in building LinkedIn profiles and networks, as well as obtaining references.

Job interview coaching

We conduct training job interviews and offer individualized feedback on the employee's performance.

Career Coaching

We assist the employee in clarifying their career goals and creating a practical plan to achieve them.

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