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Gain a competitive edge in recruiting top talents by enhancing your employer brand.

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Employer brand refers to how potential and current employees perceive the company as an employer. Every company has an employer brand regardless of whether it advertises its job openings or not. Generally, company culture, employee development opportunities, and work environment are at the heart of the employer brand – although there may be nuances for different industries and company sizes. Our service helps clarify the best aspects of your workplace and how and to whom to communicate them.

Our service is suitable for companies that want to:

  • Improve the attractiveness of their job offerings and the success rate of their recruitments
  • Understand which areas of the company's employer brand are strong and which need attention
  • Understand the current challenges in attracting job seekers
  • Resource employer brand development wisely: who should be involved in the development work, on what timeline, and with what goals
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What our service can include

Consulting on the employee experience

We will familiarize ourselves with your company's employer promise, vision, values, employee surveys, recruitment materials, and brand guidelines. Our goal is to understand if the aforementioned aspects align with the experience that employees have with your company.

Employer Brand Audit

We help identify the key challenges of your employer brand: whether the employer brand and employee experience are aligned and what is required to achieve future goals. We also assist in defining the appropriate target audience or groups based on your growth objectives.

Defining the employer brand promise

We assist in creating an employer promise that serves as a compass for employee experience and employer branding. The promise is designed to honestly and attractively represent your company and stand out from competitors.

Setting Goals

We assist in setting goals that support your growth for the long-term development of your employer brand.

Recruitment Marketing

We create social media campaigns to support your recruitments, showcasing your strengths to the right audience.

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