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Benefit from the insights we've gained over two decades of effective and growth-supporting recruitment.

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Recruitment training is part of aTalent's HR as a Service offering, providing targeted solutions to your company's recruitment challenges. The training offers information and tools for consistent planning, management, and allocation of recruitments, as well as nurturing communication and the applicant experience. The content of the training is based on insights and lessons learned over two decades of expert recruitments in business, engineering, and technology sectors.

Recruitment training is suitable for companies that want to:

  • Strengthen their recruitment expertise
  • Streamline their recruitment processes
  • Invest in the applicant experience
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the talent market
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What can recruitment training cover?

  • Interview training
  • Managing the applicant experience and communication with applicants
  • Recruitment marketing and channels
  • Planning and managing the recruitment process from defining the profile to making hiring decisions
  • Strategic resourcing
  • Direct outreach and building talent pools

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