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Hiring and building a team for early stage startups [podcast]

In this podcast, we talk about team building and hiring for early stage startups. What skills you need for the founding team and how to hire the first employees.

05.11.2019 Oliver Rotko 10 min read

Slush is upon us! This guide/schedule will help recruiters and team builders find the most relevant keynotes and panels to listen during the event.

Coding Factory 2018 stage

Why do candidates decide to participate a recruiting event? Of course, the chance of getting a new job is one major reas...

Verso kasvaa businessmiehen kämmeneltä

 "Get them while they are young!" That is what they say, however, Trainee programs are often resource consuming and the ...

Mies tietokoneen äärellä kahvikuppi kädessä

The normal application process isn’t effective enough? New organizational changes coming up, which you need to communica...

To do-lista ja kynä

Trainee programs have become more popular in recent years. That is no surprise. Trainee program enables you to develop y...

In the morning of January 16th, the Nokia Executive Experience Center is crowded with close to 90 students, hiring manag...

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VTT – Geeks `n` Games 2017

On Thursday evening 2nd of February VTT’s office in Otaniemi is buzzing with new, excited and eager faces. The staff has...

03.03.2017 4 min read

Coding Factory 2017

Coding Factory is back! Last year was such a hit that we decided to do it again – and better! On January 27th we will br...

Slush 2015 recruiting for start ups

We had a great time at Slush sparring employers and employees at the Recruiting Area. If you didn't catch us at Slush, c...

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