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Creating visibility with a marketing campaign

19.01.2018 | Linda Grönlund | Read time 5 min
The normal application process isn’t effective enough? New organizational changes coming up, which you need to communicate? Do the Applicants have the wrong image of the company and about the company culture? If you answered yes to any of these questions it might be time to consider a marketing campaign together with the recruitment process.

Social media campaigns are an excellent way to reach young professionals through channels that they use daily. Campaigns play an important part when it comes to building an employer brand among the potential target group. The contents can easily be modified so that they suit the company’s image and style. “Campaigns have given a great support to recruitment processes and are a good way of raising interest among the target group. Also, applicants that haven’t heard about the company before, have applied because of the campaign.“ Business Development Manager Tiara Kuutti mentions.

Reach potential new applicants with marketing campaigns

Applicants will gain information about the company and get an idea about the actual work in the company.Our marketing campaigns usually consist of a landing page on our website. Landing page has information about the organization, introduces unique qualities of the organization with visual effects and content that highlights the characteristics of the company. For example, we often introduce some of the personnel, company culture or interesting projects in our blog texts which is fascinating information for applicants and maybe something that they could take part in when working in the company.” Tiara continues. Marketing campaigns enable comprehensive communication. That is why it is crucial to think what factors differentiate your company as an employer from your competitors. What are the factors that make your company special? “It can be hard to find answers to these questions and sometimes we really have to dig deeper and challenge the customers so that we can find the right messages. We haven’t left empty-handed yet”, Tiara laughs.

Sometimes it can be hard to see what kind of image others have of your company and what elements could be important to communicate for potential applicants. This is the part where we jump in. It can be easier to have help from outside when you don’t have enough resources for active recruiting communication and content creation, especially, nowadays when there are so many types of content. Everyone should be producing podcasts, videos, etc. which is not possible for everybody. Luckily, we can help you tackle these challenges. Campaigns and messages are effective when the messenger is a third party that the applicants trust and see as impartial. aTalent’s content creator helps with planning and visualizing, so the customers only job is to accept ready-made content. Further, aTalent will carry out the campaign, see it through and supervise the advertising by collecting data.

Do you feel that your company’s open positions are not reaching the target group or does not raise interest? Do you want to enhance your communication methods? Contact us, and we will tell you more about the campaigns and the possible benefits.

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