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Get them while they are young! – Why do you need a Trainee program?

01.03.2018 | Linda Grönlund | Read time 5 min
“Get them while they are young!” That is what they say, however, Trainee programs are often resource consuming and the question is if it’s actually benefits the company. When will a trainee program bring added value to the company and when is it profitable?

We at aTalent believe that fresh insights and right talents are the most important assets. In other words, the personnel. Every company wants to secure their profitability and competitive advantages also in the future. This means consistent and persistent recruitment work.

What is a Trainee program?

A Trainee program aims to improve your company’s competitiveness by enhancing the recruitment process and helping companies to identify and find suitable candidates for your organization. A Trainee program is a regularly organized program in which a company hires one or more young talents for 3-12 months to different units. During the program, your company and the young professionals get to know each other in an authentic environment, which makes it easy to evaluate their compatibility with your company. The long-term goal is to engage young professionals and hire them after the trainee period or after graduation.

The Trainee program is a win-win situation for both parties at its best

Young talents will gain a toehold in the company, work experience and pragmatic learning with customer projects. The learning curve is remarkably steeper when a trainee gets personal mentoring and tutoring from professionals at your company. Employers have a great opportunity to train a potential employee from the start to the company’s way of working and customs. During a longer period, the company has an opportunity to estimate if a trainee is a right match for them and the team and if the trainee has the ability to assimilate information. If the Trainee program is a frequent program, it increases the effectiveness and awareness among the target group and creates buzz among the applicants already before they might be qualified to apply. Therefore, it is crucial to think a convenient time for a Trainee program. In other words, when it would be a good time for potential applicants to start working in relation to their studies.

Talents on sale?

A Trainee program is no way for a company to get employees for a reduced price. The initial investment might seem big when a company has to invest their know-how, money and resources on the program. The most important part is to remember that it is an investment in the company’s future. The Trainee program is like a marathon, where the benefits will show in the long run, it is not a sprint. The full advantage of the program can be seen years after the program has been implemented. In the best case, the employer image will develop through successful recruiting processes and recruiting young professional will get easier. This will create a competitive advantage and save costs in the long run.

If you are eager to know more about the Trainee programs, you can read “What does it take to have a successful Trainee program? Remember these” from our blog.

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