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How recruitment services can be a benefit in the technology field

21.09.2020 | Mikko Matikka | Read time 6 min

The market for technology experts can be described as somewhat of a wild west, where the best talent is in high demand. In this article, we’ll go over the ways we can help your company take the lead in the fierce race for tech talents.

A recruiting partner’s target group knowledge is invaluable

You’ll need more than just an “Open positions” announcement to get the attention of the best techies. Hitting the sweet spot in the applicant market requires long-term background work.

This is easier said than done in the current labor market situation. Heightened demand for the best specialists is increasing the pressure to hire more staff as soon as possible. “Senior experts will be approached before they even have the time to apply for jobs,” says Anna Kerava, IT Recruitment Manager at aTalent.

Our recruitment services will help you achieve your staffing and growth goals in these relentless circumstances. Our professional recruiters know where to look for the most skilled people, what attracts them, and how to approach them. Kerava says that aTalent’s team talks to tech experts every day: "It gives us a good idea of the experts’ ​​expectations and aspirations regarding their career development."

In addition to serving the target group, we ensure that the customer company's business needs are met. Our recruiters are able to assess how well each applicant can apply their skills and collaborate with other experts. “For example, in consulting roles, it is important for the applicant to understand the overall picture of why the software is made and what role it plays in the customer's business,” says Kerava.

Your recruitment communication speaks to the brightest talents

In the tech industry, specialists can often have their pick from many options. In order to attract them, recruiting companies need to sharpen their communication. The best results are obtained when the job seeker gets to talk to a person familiar with the industry.

According to Kerava, tech job seekers prefer hands-on assignments in interviews. "Many applicants prefer doing a small programming task that is somehow related to the company’s business and where they can showcase their skills." Receiving feedback is considered particularly valuable in such cases.

Kerava says it is important to communicate all growth opportunities the workplace has to offer: "What is often crucial for the talent is what kind of programs, languages ​​and technologies they get to work with, and what self-development opportunities the job offers."

According to Kerava, the best talent wants to develop their own skills and are interested in the latest technologies: "Whether they get to build a new software or have to use a 15-year-old system can be a huge factor in terms of job attractiveness."Because of the competition over the best talent in the job market, applicant communications needs to be planned in advance and should support both recruitment efforts and the company’s brand. A recruitment partner’s task is to act as an interpreter between the applicant and the recruiting supervisor.

We help develop your employer brand

Even if you had a treasure map that leads you straight to your target audience and addresses them with the most interesting campaigns, they would come to nothing without a strong employer brand.In order to attract tech specialists in particular, companies need to invest in their staff’s employee experience. If the current employees are satisfied and e.g.the benefits are good, that is reflected on the employer brand. The staff’s positive attitude towards the job attracts more talent to the company."In the labor market where talents can pick the employer of their choice, competence attracts competence," says Laura Isosomppi, aTalent's Recruitment Lead.Companies need to be able to communicate their values ​​more clearly. According to a study commissioned by LinkedIn, employers who speak out in favor of workplace diversity are currently attracting more candidates than others. Finnish companies aspiring to hire foreign developers should consider whether their employer brand communicates inclusion and internationality.Recruitment companies have a wide range of solutions for developing an employer brand that broadly supports the customer's needs. “We know how communications and recruitment can build an attractive employer image, and we offer a diverse set of recruitment and marketing expertise,” says Kerava.As a result of our work, our customers’ open positions catch the interest of new target groups and those who have previously applied for jobs through us. When applicants already have a positive perception of a company’s values, work culture and benefits, it is easier to get them interested.

Your company's growth goals will be achieved

The tech job market poses challenges for companies operating with limited resources. How to attract the most desired specialists without messing up core business and compromising on growth goals?Our professionals will help your company not only streamline recruitment, but also meet the expectations and needs of your target audience. This way, you hire better professionals faster, and your recruitment costs stay under control in the long run.Cooperation with a recruitment partner is based on confidential personal relationships and sharing knowledge. “At aTalent, the starting point for our cooperation is to understand the customer's business and personnel needs,” says Kerava. Together, we review the recruitment needs, the definition of open roles, the lessons learned during the recruitment process and the opportunities for further developing the cooperation.Without target group knowledge, excellent applicant experience and an appealing employer image you can’t do successful recruitments in the tech industry. If you need help in any of these areas, we offer quality assistance.

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