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Otto Koskinen – Connecting people and processes

04.07.2019 | Linda Grönlund | Read time 4 min
Otto Koskinen works at Nokia in the Integration team as a System-on-Chip Designer. His journey at Nokia started 2,5 years ago when he was looking for a company to write his master thesis for, and noticed that Nokia was recruiting. Koskinen decided to apply because Nokia seemed an interesting company with fascinating possibilities.

aTalent Recruiting, rekrytointiyrityksen brändikuva

Nokia works with world class 5G solutions with the state-of-the-art design and technology. “At Nokia you get to work with the latest technology and really be a part of developing new solutions. Not many companies in Finland offer this possibility.“ Koskinen says.

Integrating expertise with teams

The Integration team’s work can be compared to building a puzzle. “We take the intellectual properties developed by IP designers and integrate them to create a fully functional circuit. Then we deliver the bitstream to our lab and internal customers. Communication is an important part of the work of the integration team, this means that he co-operates a lot with other teams as well. “In the integration team, you get to work with a lot of different teams and people with various backgrounds.” Koskinen says.

Nokia has a lot of people from different backgrounds and from all around the world. Multiculturalism is important for Nokia and in addition to this they have people with different expertise in the teams. Another core element for Nokia is learning. “I have a learned a lot since I started, and I feel like I learn something new all the time, especially, from digital electronic design,” Koskinen adds.

Nokia’s working environment is very positive and problems are seen as challenges instead of problems. At Nokia you can get a lot of responsibility already at young age. “It’s great to get responsibility already in the beginning of your career, and notice that your skills are appreciated,“ Koskinen says. “In general, the working environment is very positive, and I have a lot of good memories from our team building days.” Koskinen adds.

“After writing my thesis I started to work in a 5G project in beamforming, which is a part of L1 processing. The main idea in the beamforming is to improve signal quality by creating narrow “beams” towards end-users. This is achieved by utilizing multiple antennas and digital signal processing. The project has taught me a lot from the project itself but also deepened my understanding on technologies and tools used for digital electronics design and particularly for FPGA design.” Koskinen says. A person who has interest for the technologies and desire to solve problems will suit Nokia perfectly.

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