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Scam messages in aTalent's name

01.02.2024 | aTalent | Read time 3 min

We are aware of fraudulent messages and calls being made in aTalent’s name. We are saddened by the incident and understand the concern it has caused. We strive to provide the most up-to-date information for identifying scam attempts.

To make it easier to recognize scam attempts, we have issued a warning and examples of scams made in our name across all our channels. Additionally, we have reported the incident to the National Cyber Security Center and urge anyone who has received scam contacts to do the same.

Most of the contacts have been made through WhatsApp, and so far, the majority of these have come from numbers starting with +20, +90, +218, +223, and +509. Our recruiters use WhatsApp only at candidates’ request, so we generally do not initiate contact through it. Genuine aTalent communications always come from a Finnish number.

Additionally, we have become aware of advertising taking place in Facebook groups with the aim of attracting the attention of as many people as possible from a broader target audience. Our recruiters share job postings in various professional networks and groups on LinkedIn as well as on Facebook. However, we do not typically ask you to contact us via messages but rather to apply for open positions through our application system. You can recognize our genuine recruitment messages through the application link directing you to our application system. It is also easy to check the background of the advertiser and verify if they are a scammer on Facebook and LinkedIn.

If the contact person is not familiar to you from previous recruitment discussions, we recommend being cautious and avoiding engaging in conversations with scammers. Personal information or sensitive data should not be shared through WhatsApp. Scams can be reported using the app’s Block & Report function. On Facebook, scams can be reported using the "Find Support or Report Profile" feature.

You can read more about the phenomenon and how to react to it here.

We want to thank everyone who has brought scam contacts to our attention so far. In case you need further information than the answers provided here or the link above, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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