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What is Search & Hire?

30.09.2021 | Mikko Matikka | Read time 5 min

What does it mean?

Search & hire, or direct recruitment, is a service where a person is recruited directly by a client through a public, targeted search. When you search & hire with aTalent, we take care of all the steps of the recruitment process – from defining the desired profile to presenting the top candidates to you.

In addition to employee leasing, direct recruitment is the most common form of service of recruitment companies. It should not be confused with headhunting, which is a completely different form of service.

What are the needs search & hire should be used for?

Direct recruitment is a good choice when your company is looking for a new employee for specialist positions, but you don’t have the resources needed to handle the recruitment yourself, for example. It can also be used to reach the right audiences or manage large numbers of applicants.

Also, keep in mind that a directly recruited employee doesn’t have to be a full-time resource – search & hire is also a great way to find part-time and project workers.

How can we help you with direct recruitment?

With our networks, we’ll find you the best experts. In our experience, search & hire is most typically used when our client’s goal is to recruit an employee for an extended period of time. And here, target group knowledge is the key.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped recruit experts for both small and large publicly traded companies. Thanks to our active cooperation with various student and professional organizations, we’re up-to-date on the market situation in each field, so we can find the best experts for every need.

We offer the service solution that best suits your needs

As in other forms of service, the recruitment process involves many different steps and the same template may not work for all companies. In search & hire, an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs and close cooperation between the customer and the recruitment company are imperative. This is why our service can be customized according to your needs.

Our partnership with the software company is a good example of such seamless cooperation. Recruitments are based on’s corporate culture, where employees take ownership of what they do and where continuous learning is encouraged and pursued. In other words, the best candidates are expected to have both “soft skills”, appropriate for their work culture, and knowledge appropriate for their roles.

Due to the demanding profiles and the tight schedule, we performed the search with a very strict pre-qualification. team then interviewed the candidates and made their choice from a pool of bright talent.

What especially appreciated about aTalent’s service:

  • The fast recruitment process
  • The quality of the qualification process and the candidates
  • Active communication and personal service to both and the job seekers

The risks of search & hire are minimal for our customers

aTalent's direct recruitment service includes a 4-month satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the employee we recruited, or the employee resigns, we’ll look for a new employee to replace them, free of charge.

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