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Long-term recruitment partnership with a domestic market leader and a rapidly expanding technology group.

The Finnish software group Receptum is a pioneer in the digitalization of the pharmacy industry. The company is the market leader in Finland and has been doing business in the Nordic countries for several years. To expand its operations, the company needed more workforce for demanding expert roles in the technology sector.

The starting point and goal

Our partnership with Receptum Oy and Receptum Software Oy began in 2020. The company had challenges finding suitable candidates for jobs requiring niche tech expertise. Our goal was to identify the best experts from the job market while promoting the company's operations and mission among techies.

Our approach

We emphasized researching the client's business: understanding what the client's business goals were, the software teams' most pressing competence needs, and on the other hand, what makes Receptum interesting for techies was important to the success of the recruitments. We wanted to understand the company's mission, technology environment, and career opportunities from the talents' point of view. It helped communicate the purposes of Receptum's industry, the company's solvency, and its flexible culture.

The solution

With the help of hybrid search – by combining search and hire with headhunting – we have recruited Microsoft programming environment experts, Front end developers, testers, DevOps and tech infrastructure specialists for Receptum.Excellent interaction with the customer and understanding Receptum as a company has created a framework for a successful partnership. aTalent's hybrid search model has guaranteed that experienced experts have been reached effectively both in public job search channels and through direct search methods.

10successful recruitments

80%hit rate in recruitments

31days from first contact to hire (avg.)

Active and high-quality applicant communication is a guarantee of success

One techie recruited through headhunting is Irina Koski, who started at Receptum Software in the summer of 2021. Koski, who worked as an IT consultant in diverse customer projects for years, was looking for job opportunities in a relevant industry and product. We managed to reach Koski at the right time and introduce him to Receptum thanks to active communication.

I got the feeling that everything progressed on schedule and that people were interested in my services. It was easy going into the interview when I knew what to expect from the process and the job.

Irina Koski, Full Stack Developer, Receptum Software

Koski was involved in several hires but ended up choosing Receptum. Currently, she works at Receptum Software as a Full Stack Developer in a project where a prescription processing system is being built for a large Nordic pharmacy chain using, among other things, Microsoft Azure cloud services, the .NET application framework, and Angular and TypeScript technologies."

In addition to Koski, we have already managed to recruit a dozen experts to the Receptum team who have committed to work in the company.

Tech roles we have recruited for Receptum:

  • Azure Developer
  • C# Developer
  • Angular Developer
  • DevOps Specialist
  • IT Infrastructure Specialist
  • Azure IT Infrastructure Specialist
  • Project Manager

aTalent has found us candidates who have the skills that suit our needs and who are committed to working at Receptum.

Antti Timonen, CEO, Receptum Software