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Our employer branding services support your long-term competitiveness in reaching and attracting the best talent in the job market.

Employer Branding

We help you clarify your company's strengths as an employer and communicate them clearly to your specific target audience.

What is employer branding?

An employer brand covers all immaterial, economical, and practical features that people associate with a company, and use to distinguish it from other companies in the market. In other words, an employer brand tells what it’s like to work at your company, what your employees do, and what motivates them. It also communicates what kind of talent you are looking for and what kind of role will they play in the story of your company.

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aTalent helped us quickly reach our target candidates through a recruitment campaign that supported the Business Finland brand. Our collaboration has been excellent.

Pilvi Määttänen, HR Business Partner

@Business Finland

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Why should your company invest in employer branding?

Multiple studies confirm that a respected employer brand is the cornerstone of successful recruiting. It tells the truth about what the day-to-day life in your company looks like and how your employees feel about working there. Honest and transparent communication helps job seekers decide whether your company is the right place for them.

A respected employer brand attracts the best talent

People no longer choose their work based purely on salary. As the lines between work and free-time continue to blur, job seekers expect companies to offer immaterial and practical perks along with economic safety. A successful employer brand communicates all the perks and terms your company has to offer. Those who succeed in this, reap the many benefits of recruiting the best available talent.

A respected employer brand lowers employee turnover and increases company returns

Recruiting a new employee is a big investment. It doesn’t just take working hours and marketing costs to bring in new employees. You also need to consider what goes into onboarding and possibly re-recruiting talent. Since a great employer brand helps to attract the best talent, and thus eliminate wrong hires, its ROI can be measured in lowered total costs in your recruitment budget.

Key reasons why you should invest in employer branding (TLDR):

  • You are more likely to succeed in your recruiting
  • A great employer brand lowers employee turnover
  • A great employer brand lowers employee costs and the HR’s workload on recruiting

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When should you outsource your employer branding?

When your recruitment campaigns don’t attract enough relevant applicants

Investing in employer branding pays dividends especially if you are struggling to generate a decent number of applications with your job postings. The effort put into employer branding reflects positively on your company’s reputation and helps to stand out in the highly contested job market.

When potential candidates are unfamiliar with your company

Consider refining your employer brand if your job ads aren’t attracting suitable candidates for the job description. We help you improve the way you communicate your company values, ways of working, perks, and benefits more effectively.

When your HR department’s time is better used at focusing on core business

Outsourcing becomes relevant when you wish to invest in developing your employer brand, but your HR department is running short on resources.

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