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Headhunting is an efficient tool to reach talents who are particularly sought after or perhaps already employed. Headhunting uses no public advertising and is regarded as highly confidential.

Headhunting explained

When the candidates you are looking for are hard to find or the nature of the job requires a silent recruitment process, headhunting is a great solution. At aTalent, headhunting is always highly confidential and is executed with the highest level of expertise.

With aTalent, recruiting is always smooth sailing.

Julia Hämäläinen, Talent Lead, EMEA

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How headhunting works

The process, number of contacts, and methods used are always tailored according to your specific needs.

Defining your needs and target profiles

Together with aTalent’s experts, you define the target profiles, the sales arguments for your organization, and the overall schedule.

Longlisting and first contact

Based on the target profiles, our experts compile a longlist of suitable candidates. We contact and meet with the most prominent ones.

Shortlisting and meetings

We present you with a shortlist of the best candidates, consult you on setting up meetings and help with the final hiring decisions.

Why use headhunting?

Reach the best talents in your target audience

We define your needs and the matching profiles, as well as the selling arguments for your company.

Create confidence in encounters

Trust is everything in headhunting. We treat your and your applicants’ information as we would our own.

Reach passive job seekers

We reach the passive but highly sought-after professionals who very likely are already employed.

Why select aTalent as your recruitment partner?

Quick and efficient recruitment process

Skilled professionals are always in high demand, which means even a short delay in the recruitment process can result in losing your ideal candidates. Our recruiters carry out the selection quickly and seamlessly while keeping the candidates in the loop. There are no setbacks or unpleasant surprises.

Thorough knowledge of our target audiences

We collaborate with Finnish student organizations and trade unions to provide career support for candidates with higher education. To stay on top of job market trends, we regularly conduct studies on the views and opinions young professionals have on recruitment.

Wide reach for our job advertisements

We reach the most wanted professionals of each industry through our extensive networks. Along with our web and social media sites, we share our job ads with alumni organizations, university portals, and the most popular public recruitment channels.

Superb applicant experience

Our recruitment strategies complement your company’s employer brand. Each candidate gets a chance to receive personal feedback on their performance in the selection process. The applicants who are not selected will still have a positive experience and think more highly of your company.

Four-month satisfaction guarantee

Our services come with a four-month satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied with your hires or they end up quitting, we will help you find a replacement.

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