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The Valio Trainee program is intended for graduate and newly graduated university students. It includes comprehensive orientation and strong support from colleagues, diverse assignments, training, mentoring, study trips, and visits (if the corona situation allows). After the program is finished, your Valio career will continue in permanent employment. The applications are now open for the program, which starts in the fall of 2021!

Frequently asked questions

Who can apply to the program?

The Valio Trainee program is designed for Master’s degree students and recent university graduates. However, those who have graduated a few years ago or have already acquired work experience are also eligible to apply. As a trainee, you will start your Valio career with an entry-level role and move forward to a more experienced position later during your trainee year.

How does the recruitment process work?

Our recruitment process is handled online. Please send your applications by May 20th. After receiving all the applications, we will invite the most suitable candidates for a video interview later in May. The process will also include psychological skill and suitability tests. We will inform all applicants about our selections during June.

What kind of roles are available?

There are nine trainee positions available in various Valio operations. Please find the job descriptions in the job advertisements.

Can I apply for multiple trainee positions?

Yes, you can. Sometimes the applicants' know-how and background can be a great fit in different roles.

Can I make my Master’s thesis during the program?

Possibly. Valio trainees are either recently graduated or students who are finishing their studies. Valio has worked with Master’s thesis students before and we are open to new projects and university collaborations in the future. Oftentimes, working on a Master’s thesis at Valio can give the trainee deeper insight into our company and field of business.

Can trainees work remotely?

Partly yes. Many of Valio's experts have been working remotely during the pandemic and we will increase these possibilities in the future. However, networking and meeting other Valio staff is a crucial part of the Trainee program so it is strongly recommended to work at the office either in Helsinki or Lapinlahti.

What kind of salary and perks can you offer your trainees?

Valio will pay a competitive and equal salary for each trainee participating in the program, no matter the position or prior background.

Along with the competitive salary, Valio offers many perks and benefits for its trainees. Your well-being is important, so you will receive sport and cultural benefits, as well as extended occupational health care. You will also receive new Valio products regularly. You can enjoy your lunch at Valio staff restaurants, which offer healthy and delicious meals, made naturally from Valio products.

What kind of employment contract will I sign as a trainee?

As a trainee, you will get a contract, which is eligible for an indeterminate duration. After the trainee program, all Valio trainees are placed in expert positions across the organization. You will get a chance to continue your career straight after the trainee period.

What does the trainee program include?

Your role will be diverse and daily tasks and responsibilities depend on your position. The program includes comprehensive onboarding, training sessions, workshops, mentoring, and excursions (if the pandemic situation allows). As a trainee, you will be introduced to your future expert role, different projects, and tasks for example in production and sales – depending on your experience and know-how.

The program starts with a collective kick-off event. Trainees will also come together mid-program to change thoughts and check their goals. The program culminates in a closing ceremony, where learnings throughout the year are shared and evaluated.

What kind of support will trainees receive from colleagues?

To make the most of the trainee program, your growth to an expert will be supported in many ways. You will get your own personal mentor, a more experienced Valio member to offer you advice on your expert tasks and career development. You will be introduced to other trainees, Valio culture, and ways of working with the help of a tutor. Indeed, collaboration is one of Valio's four core values.

Learning and developing will mainly happen through your daily work, but workshops and training sessions will give you a chance to delve into specific expert topics. Valio Campus is a coaching program that offers training for Valio members of all levels and needs. Some of the Valio Campus sessions will be done at the office and some online at e-Campus.

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