HR as a Service

Are you looking for quick growth? Do you need an extra pair of hands in recruiting and onboarding? Would you like to get rid of the bottlenecks in your HR processes or freshen up your culture and employer brand? HR as a Service will benefit you in all of these circumstances.

What is HR as a Service?

HR as a Service helps you solve and prevent challenges in human resource management. The service model can be adapted to various needs from short-term HR tasks and projects to developing better functioning organizations.


Why use HR as a Service?

HRaaS helps take care of your company’s most important resource: people. It helps you stay up-to-date on the tasks and responsibilities related to the life cycle of employment relationships, as well as support the growth of your business and work community.

The service is based on active collaboration. You will have aTalent’s consultants at your service, who help you take care of the legal obligations related to HR, provide tips and sparring for better functioning recruitment, onboarding and management processes.

Who is HRaaS for?

Growth companies

When business is booming, backlogs and to-do lists tend to accumulate quickly. A single employee may be taking on a number of different expert roles at once. Establishing smooth HR processes at an early stage can help your staff combat the workload and thrive in their roles. We help you build an HR function that supports the growth of your company while your people can focus on their essential jobs.

Companies with a temporary need for external HR support

Sometimes the key player in your team is taking time off on, for example, parental leave or vacation. However, it can often take several months to recruit and onboard the right person for the job to a fixed-term employment relationship. Choosing our HRaaS consulting team instead is a flexible alternative to standing in for employees and outsourcing recruitments.

Companies who want to refresh their culture

Need fresh ideas and insights into how your company works? If you are looking for ways to inspire your staff or update existing processes,  aTalent consulting team is happy to help you.

Companies who want to refresh their employer brand

In the labor market, competition for the best skills is fierce and the best talents can choose their workplace. With HRaaS, we help you identify what makes your company a great place to work at, how to communicate and market it to the right target audiences and attract the best experts in your business.

HRaaS provides solutions and assistance for the following HR tasks

Employment life cycle

  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Competence development
  • Remuneration and employee benefits
  • Development of employee experience
  • Exit discussions and termination of employment

Leadership and culture

  • Training supervisors in recruitment processes
  • Developing the image of the employer
  • Leading Millennials

Statutory employer responsibilities

  • Labor law and collective agreements
  • Development of occupational health cooperation and well-being at work
  • Work ability management and staff well-being
  • Statutory plans for personnel

Interested in HRaaS?

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