Fullstack Developer (Senior & Mid-level positions)

Published on 10.01.2022

Fullstack Developer (Senior & Mid-level positions)

Hygga, founded in 2010, is a Finnish pioneer in digital services for the healthcare sector. Hygga offers its customers a new way of providing healthcare services by making smart use of staff resources and leading through information. The innovative and intelligent model is built around Hygga Flow , the modern ERP system, enabling Hygga and their clients to tailor each day’s flow of patients. Hygga Flow increases control over functionality, significantly improves staff satisfaction, and enhances the customer experience through modern methods. Hygga also offers a wide range of oral health care dentist services in their cozy clinic in the heart of Helsinki. Read more about Hygga and Hygga Solutions here: https://hyggasolutions.com/en/ and https://hygga.fi/en/



Hygga is looking for both Senior and Mid-level Fullstack Developers to join the dynamic development team in Helsinki. In both roles, the main task is to develop Hygga’s products, including the patient record system also used at Hygga’s own clinic, as well as Hygga Flow that streamlines the operations of healthcare providers and enables a better and more efficient experience for the end-users. You will work with continuous product development, design, piloting, testing, and maintenance based on the client needs. Your tasks will include both frontend and backend development, and you will also contribute to inhouse DevOps practices. Your team works with Scrum methodology, and the following tools, technologies and frameworks will be utilized: Java, PostgreSQL, React.js, PHP, Python, Git version control, Jenkins, Docker, and CI/CD pipelines. The role involves working in close collaboration with your team, Product Owners, Account Managers, as well as Hygga’s medical professionals, ensuring that the product development is done with solid industry expertise and customer orientation.

The difference between the two roles is that as a Senior Fullstack Developer you will receive responsibility in supporting and coaching other developers in their daily work. You will also have a more active role in code reviewing. As a Senior Fullstack Developer, we hope you have gained several years of experience in software development, and you are skilled in using Java and PostgreSQL. As a Mid-level Fullstack Developer, we hope you have a few years of experience in software development and you have solid skills in Java and React.js. Apart from these differences, the tasks and responsibilities for both roles are the same and the projects are divided equally within the development team.

Hygga has an office in central Helsinki, and we hope you are able to work at the office with your colleagues at least 2-3 days a week.

Hygga offers you:

  • A truly meaningful position where you will contribute to improving the everyday lives of people working in the healthcare sector as well as the patients
  • A role where you will develop a product that enables more efficient healthcare services to end-users. Read more about the success stories here
  • A chance to work with significant projects, such as implementing the Hygga products in an entire healthcare center
  • An opportunity to have an influence on how the Hygga products could be developed further and a wide code base to work with
  • The support of an agile and dynamic team
  • Complimentary basic dental healthcare

As a Senior Fullstack Developer, we hope you to have:

  • Several (+5) years of experience in software development
  • Strong skills in Java and PostgreSQL. Skills in React.js and Python are considered as an asset
  • Understanding of data security
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • Fluency in English

As a Mid-level Fullstack Developer, we hope you to have:

  • Few (2-3) years of experience in software development
  • Strong skills in Java and React.js. Skills in Electron is considered as an asset
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • Fluency in English

In this position, you will be employed directly by Hygga.

Got interested?

Please submit your CV or LinkedIn profile (cover letter optional) by the latest 24th of January via our application system. Feel free to mention your salary request, possible GitHub profile (or similar), and preferred starting date in your application documents.

You can familiarize yourself with Hygga here: https://hyggasolutions.com/en/ and https://hygga.fi/en/ For more information about the position, the recruitment process or the schedule contact aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Kiira Ojala (kiira.ojala[at]atalent.fi, +358 50 553 7760).

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