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Published on 05.08.2019

Valuecode is a Finnish company founded in 2000 and a front-runner in automating demanding healthcare processes. Our Forsante product platform offers comprehensive solutions for warfarin therapy and prostatic cancer follow-up. Forsante has obtained the rigorous CE certification for class II b medical devices. Integration with leading laboratory and healthcare information systems enables major improvements in process efficiency. Our customers include some of the largest healthcare organisations in Finland. https://forsante.com/

We are looking for a Fullstack Web Developer to work on our life-saving product platform, Forsante, that automates routine healthcare processes. One of the many solutions Forsante enables is the automation and optimization of dosing anticoagulant medication (e.g. warfarin). Without Forsante warfarin dosing is a time-consuming operation as the dosage has to be tweaked every few weeks, leaving room for human error. In situations like this, Forsante brings reliability, ease and speed that could not be achieved with a manual process. Already dozens of human lives have been saved with the use of Forsante.

We seek someone who is genuinely interested in healthtech, and also shares a passion for saving and improving human lives. Test-first approach and writing clean and maintainable code are close to your heart, since you value high quality in your work. You will be developing the product in multiple layers, but you can be interested in some specific part as long as you understand the whole entity and will not shy away from other tasks as needed. Upcoming projects and tasks will include implementing new modules and helping in architectural development of our platform.

The development team is small, currently four people, which means everyone has an important role to play. An environment where everyone is able to focus is cherished and sustained as we understand the toxicity of unnecessary disturbances. This means you have to be independent enough to solve problems on your own but also open to sharing problems with the team. Most importantly, you must have the understanding and humbleness to simply ask, if you aren’t sure about something or need a second opinion.

The Valuecode team takes pride in a work culture that allows many types of people to thrive and grow. We offer a lot of freedom, but in return we trust everyone to deliver what has been promised. You can be super social and find people to spend time with out of the office or have a more introverted approach to work life. Currently Valuecode has a core team of eight multidisciplinary people with varying backgrounds and strengths. We truly take pride in what has already been built, but in the future, there is still a lot to do and remarkable potential for development and growth, and you as the new Fullstack Web Developer will be a key member of the team in accomplishing this.

We seek:

  • Experience and knowledge in fullstack web development
  • Independent development skills with some scripting language e.g. Python, JavaScript, Ruby or Elixir
  • As much knowledge as possible (but of course we don’t expect you to know everything) from our current stack: Ruby on Rails (substantially cuts our time-to-market), CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Postgres, RabbitMQ, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker
  • Applicable skills in some relational database language
  • Understanding of the object-oriented programming paradigm (extra points for also understanding functional programming, as the backend is partly built with Scheme)
  • Real motivation to work for our important mission and will (and skills) to learn independently
  • Good communication skills in English

We offer: 

  • Work environment where you can actually concentrate, and everybody wants you to succeed
  •  Flexibility with working times, tools and remote work
  •  Independence, with the full support of a skilled team
  • Opportunity to work on an actually life-saving product
  • Growing firm with laid-back colleagues, where everyone is truly devoted to creating a high-quality product with relevant technologies
  • Real possibilities to learn and develop with the company and create your own path within
  • Competitive salary; your expertise and efforts will be rewarded with a salary that will grow with you as you become more successful and productive in your role.

In this position you will be employed directly to Valuecode.

Please submit your application letter (in PDF) where you tell us about your interest and motivation towards this specific position and Valuecode. Please also mention your salary request, possible starting date and attach any links that could be useful for us to check out (for instance your GitHub, Bitbucket or LinkedIn). Of course, also submit your CV (also in PDF) here: https://apply.atalent.fi/valuecode-fullstack-web-developer-8-2019.

For more information about the recruitment process contact aTalent’s Talent Agent Julia Helander (+358 40 5215168, julia.helander[at]atalent.fi).

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