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Accountor Finago

When it comes to valuable summer work, settle for no less than a+

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Accountor Finago – or a+ team as colleagues call it – operates at the forefront of digital financial management. They develop modern software solutions that help accounting firms and entrepreneurs understand their finances through and through. Indeed, this is a grade-A chance to grow for example as a developer, designer, process specialist, or customer advisor!

When you apply to Accountor Finago, you’re knocking on the door of market leaders in the financial software business. Already hundreds of thousands of clients turn to the company when in need of financial services and insights in developing their business. At the same time, you’ll be joining the team of over 240 professionals, who value teamwork, friendliness, and eagerness to learn.

We have an atmosphere of helping each other out and you can always ask questions from anyone.

Accountor Finago is primarily a software development company. Their key to success is collaboration: product development, customer service, and business operations teams bounce ideas off each other frequently. Rest assured that you will have chances to learn from colleagues from all walks of work life.

What makes Accountor Finago a great place to work?

Learning and self-development are guaranteed

Experimenting, failing, recovering, and succeeding are the cornerstones of the learning culture at Accountor Finago. Product development is done in-house first and foremost, which means that innovating becomes second nature to you and your team.

Equal, meaningful, and fun work environment

The people at Accountor Finago value mutual trust and team-work. Developing high-end products and creating value to customers fosters a sense of meaning. At the same time, work doesn’t come at the cost of spare time or laid-back feeling.

Get to know teammates from around the world

The a+ team consists of colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds. There will be plenty of opportunities to collaborate with experts from various fields and for the international atmosphere to sink in.

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