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Talent of the Month – ‘Second’ time is a charm

07.08.2017 | Mika Räsänen | Lukuaika 5 min
Sometimes everything just clicks.

From the recruiter’s point of view Juho Enala was the kind of candidate you had always wanted to find: a motivated person with a suitable background and eager to learn more with a ton of relevant skills waiting to be put into use.

Juho’s first experiences into the world of coding can be traced back to his childhood. Juho’s father had tried to persuade him to learn how to do simple coding. ”Try even a little bit of Python. There might come a day when you need it.” Juho was not interested. ”Coding isn’t for me”, he thought.

After high school he wanted to study Industrial Management at Aalto University. He had already been accepted to study Mechanical Engineering, but not being sure on what he preferred, he still tried his luck with applying to Industrial Management – studying for the entrance exams while serving his time in the military. That did not go as planned, so he eventually began his studies as a freshman in the department of Mechanical Engineering. Juho would later note that this was the nr 1 option he would have wanted to pursue in the first place. As it happens, this was also where he got re-introduced to the wonderful world of coding. Ironically enough, his first lecture covered the basics of Python. He could hear his father in the back of his head: ”I told you so.”

aTalent Recruiting, rekrytointiyrityksen brändikuva
“I’ve always wanted to work in a startup. I want to be able to do different kind of things and not to be stuck to a strict role.”

Once he got over the hump and started coding there was no turning back. He realized coding was relatively easy for him and rather soon he was spending all of his free time tinkering his own projects and studying new coding languages. He was in his third year of studies when he saw the job ad for Viima. He hadn’t planned to start working yet, but the opportunity felt too good to be missed. ”I’ve always wanted to work in a startup. I want to be able to do different kind of things and not to be stuck to a strict role. I felt that Viima would suit me well.” So he decided to apply and landed a job as Software Engineer. During his first six months Juho has enjoyed his time at Viima enormously. In his opinion Viima is the kind of work environment where you can always ask for help and give your own opinion. The colleagues treat all new employees equally. Your opinions and ideas are as important as everyone else’s. Juho also likes the freedom of managing his own work and tricky problems that he gets to solve everyday. ”The blurrier the instructions, the better. I like to think and figure things out myself.”

Your career as a software developer starts here

Most of the problems Juho faces everyday are so complex that problem solving skills and willingness to learn are the key factors to success while working at Viima. Juho had done a lot with Python, but for example Django framework wasn’t something he was very familiar with. Now he uses it everyday. Viima is the perfect working place as well for someone who is still starting his/her career or for someone more experienced who is still excited about the world of programming.

aTalent Recruiting, rekrytointiyrityksen brändikuva

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