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The ultimate career matchmaking event for developers is held on 8.2.2019 from 3pm onwards at Kellohalli, Helsinki.

It’s not a regular job fair, but something much more

This is the fourth time we are organizing the event. Coding Factory is not a regular job fair and we will not be handing out candy and pens. Our purpose is to help you stand out and get a unique chance to interact with not just one, but five potential employers during one night. At Coding Factory we offer interactive hands-on workshops, where you can show your skills in action, 1-to-1 discussions with the company representatives and of course, an amazing atmosphere and an epic after party. Coding Factory is also a great opportunity to connect with your potential future colleagues!


“The atmosphere of the event was awesome and that was what made it the most fun.”

This year we are giving you a chance to meet with five companies from different fields. This year’s participants are Accenture, Eniram, Epic Games, F-Secure and Houston. You can read more about the companies here. Every company has designed and organized a unique workshop challenge only for the purpose of this event. The workshop will give you a sneak peek of what kind of coding challenges the companies encounter in their everyday jobs. You will get a chance to learn from company representatives but also from other fellow coders. During the event, every participant will have a chance to attempt each company’s workshop with their team. Teams will be divided at the event.

“It’s also a learning experience. You learn from others and get inspired. So, definitely come.”

One of the workshops is a speed-dating interview where each participant gets to have a quick chat with a representative of Accenture, Eniram, Epic Games, F-Secure and Houston. Of course, those conversations can then be continued at the after party after 9pm, when the official program ends.

“It is really something you cannot explain, you need to feel it yourself.”

Only 50 developers are invited to join the event, so apply now here: https://apply.atalent.fi/coding-factory-2019-coding-factory-12-2018 The application period ends on January 27th. We want to make applying very easy for you: you can apply by sending either your cv, application letter, LinkedIn or GitHub profile or all of these – anything that you think demonstrates your skills and potential. If you want to demonstrate your skills in advance, you can also see how you perform in our coding test.

If you have questions regarding the event or applying please contact aTalent’s Annika Salonen (0503057375, annika.salonen@atalent.fi)

Note, You can apply through the coding challenge until January 13th. The challenge will be sent to you after that on January 14th and the deadline for completing it is January 20th. The coding challenge is a nut to crack and covers a wide range of topics, such as APIs, data structures, databases, Linux, logic, loops, Python, JavaScript and React. The questions are multiple choice questions.

Wanna know more about the event? Read more here:  https://atalent.fi/cf

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