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Julkaistu 15.08.2018

Shift Actions helps companies transform the way they adapt to change and create new business opportunities. We help our clients turn disruptive market forces into new business opportunities, models and game-changing offerings. Shift Actions has extensive experience in developing strategies and visions, designing new value propositions and business models. The team has solid experience in running international, organization-wide transformation initiatives both as consultants and executives.

Our team and the role of a Business Designer

Our cross-functional team of Business Designers consists of ex-Startup CEOs, management consultants and corporate management team members. We are now looking for a new member in our core team of currently four people based in Helsinki.

Our Business Designers are experts in exploring new, disruptive opportunities, entries into new markets or strategies for times in which products, markets or entire businesses face evolution or change. They learn about and research the client’s business in order to create business models that are validated and iterated based on findings from actual end-users and stakeholders. These iterations lead to a user-centric, strategically and financially viable solution which is mature enough to be presented to client executives for further financing and development. Furthermore, our Business Designers help clients implement and operate business models, ventures and processes.

We have had the pleasure of working with leading companies from a wide variety of industries. We have designed new business models and offerings, solved massive corporate problems within manufacturing, energy, finance, construction and marine to name a few.

As a Business Designer you will:

  • Gain client exposure from day one while collaborating with customers and conducting research to understand their business challenges and opportunities and offer a fresh perspective to help them reach their full potential.
  • Design new business models, processes, strategies and create game-changing offerings.
  • Design and implement holistic and complete business ventures together with our client’s management – we value a hands-on and entrepreneurial approach.
  • Engage in business model and process implementation, market entries and roll-outs.

Key competencies we have found to predict success in the role of a Business Designer:

  • First-hand experience in professional services and/or management consulting (min. 1-2 years): being able to understand the clients’ business and offer new and innovative perspectives by combining strong experience, stakeholder insight and the latest information from relevant fields.
  • Curiosity: deep-diving into new industries, technologies, markets and business environments is an essential part of our work – Experience from interacting with clients and other stakeholders is highly valued.
  • Strong analytical skills: ability to gather, analyze and present data in an efficient, systematic and professional manner. Exceeding clients’ expectations.
  • Systematic, effective yet flexible approach to work: understanding when and how to prioritize and being able to manage projects of different sizes in an international context
  • An entrepreneurial mindset with an ambition to develop our clients as well as Shift’s growth.
  • M.Sc in Business, Industrial Management, Technology or other relevant field: a good starting base for the role
  • Language skills: fluency in English, Finnish and preferably also in Swedish. In addition to Finnish companies we work with international companies globally which may require frequent travel with relatively short notice.

Recruiting process

aTalent and Shift Actions are executing the recruiting process in co-operation. The new Business Designer will be employed by Shift Actions directly (permanent, full-time contract). Please direct all your questions regarding the recruiting process and the position to aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Team Lead Minnamari Jokinen (minnamari.jokinen[ät], +358503799208). The following steps will take place during the following weeks:

STEP 1: Phone interview with aTalent

STEP 2: First meeting with Shift Actions team

STEP 3: Second meeting and case task with Shift Actions team

The final decisions on the selection will be made in September and all candidates applied by 5.9.2018 will be informed. We go through all applications and all candidates have a chance for personal feedback.

To Apply – send your CV and application letter by 5.9.2018 to: If possible, please send your application documents in PDF-format.  Learn more about Shift Actions here: If you want to get more information regarding the recruitment process or the position, please feel free to contact aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Team Lead Minnamari Jokinen (Minnamari.jokinen[at], +358503799208).

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