Junior 3D Software Developer

Julkaistu 06.03.2019

Established in Finland in 2012 with our HQ in Helsinki and sales teams based in Singapore, Dubai, London and Sydney. Our technologists have over 30 years plus working in VR, and for the last 5, the focus has been on developing a solution to automate the delivery of 3D architectural models to XR ready 3D files.

This conversion technology was developed as an internal tool to help deliver our own VR App easily to architects, developers, interior designers and facility managers. Now with proven demand, we have launched Tridify Convert with Tridify IFC Tools to the Unity developer community as a partner of Unity.

We are proud that our team is made up of the best and the brightest minds in their fields and we celebrate their ingenuity, innovation and imagination. With our energy, determination and competitive spirit, we aim to help shape markets, not follow them. For more information please visit www.tridify.com.

Tridify is now looking for a 3D Software Developer to join their development team. In this position you will get a chance to work with modern cutting-edge technologies to build our solutions connecting BIM & CAD models with VR. We are focused to find new solutions to create even better conversions for Tridify tools. In this role you get to introduce your own ideas how to use different code and tools to make new features and to automate things.  

You don’t have to be a professional 3D developer yet, but rather we are looking for someone who has got the willingness and attitude to become one! You don’t need a professional work experience, but we appreciate a hobbyist background and completed personal projects. You can focus on those aspects of our development life cycle that you want to grow your competence in and we offer you the full support of the whole team. We greatly appreciate problem-solving skills along with the ability to adapt and learn new things fast. A positive personality together with good communication skills is also much appreciated. There is a possibility for part-time employment in the beginning if you are still finishing your studies.

What we value the most is a good attitude and the desire to grow as an 3D Developer. You confront new challenges with an open mind and you’re not afraid of taking initiative. Group work comes naturally to you and you enjoy working in our diverse team. You communicate fluently in English. Finnish skills are seen as an advantage.

What we see as an advantage:

  • Knowledge or hobbyist experience of 3D modelling and/or 3D simulation
  • UI experience or understanding

You should already have:

  • Some skills in programming
  • Some background eg. personal development projects
  • An open mind to learn and create new things

Tridify offers you:

  • The possibility to work with the newest and cutting-edge technologies
  • A role where you build something groundbreaking together with innovative and humorous colleagues
  • A place where you can affect your own work and the company – this is a great place to grow into a true professional!
  • Open-minded and flexible company culture, where you are given responsibility and freedom to carry out your work
  • Competitive salary, benefits and flexible working hours

In this position you will be employed directly to Tridify.

Sounds good? If you’re the person we’re looking for, please submit your application letter and CV by latest 20.3.2019 here: https://apply.atalent.fi/tridify-junior-3d-software-developer-3-2019 If you have a GitHub profile or equivalent, we would be happy to have a look at it as well. Please also mention your salary request and possible starting date. We go through applications already during the application period so act fast!

You can familiarize yourself with Tridify here: www.tridify.com/

For more information about the recruitment process contact aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Cécil Fagerström +358 50 505 3170, cecil.fagerstrom[ät]atalent.fi).

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