Master’s Thesis Worker / Project Worker (Automatic speech recognition)

Julkaistu 29.10.2018

Mobirox Oy is specializing in education and training technology. Mobirox is founded in 2005 and among others, clients include the Finnish National Agency for Education and major Finnish publishing companies.

We are now looking for Master’s Thesis Worker or Project Worker to join Mobirox’s team! Mobirox has a joint research project with Aalto University and University of Helsinki to improve online automatic speech recognition (ASR) in mobile foreign language learning applications. Your task in the project is to compare various methods to improve the robustness of the ASR and/or the computer-assisted pronunciation training (CAPT). Speech data for training and evaluation of the system has already been collected in the project during the recent years and you can start the work right away with the analysis.

We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate with relevant technical studies and knowledge and interest towards machine learning and speech/language processing. Because of the joint research project, to students studying in Aalto University or University of Helsinki, Mobirox can offer an opportunity to work as Master’s Thesis Worker as there are already supervising ASR experts to guide the thesis in these universities. However, you can also be a student elsewhere as Mobirox can offer you the position as a Project Worker. The goal is to utilize the thesis / project findings in the development of Mobirox’s software and products. The position is fixed term for six months but there is an opportunity to discuss continuance at Mobirox for example in software/product development and further utilize the research findings.

What we are looking for:

  • Suitable technical academic studies (e.g. Machine Learning, Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Communications Engineering)
  • Knowledge of machine learning and knowledge/interest towards speech/language processing from studies
  • Programming skills gained for example from your studies (e.g. Python, C++, JavaScript, Unity)
  • Good teamworking skills and proactive attitude
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, Finnish in considered as an advantage

What Mobirox offers you:

  • Master’s Thesis opportunity or a chance to gain relevant project work experience in the fields of machine learning and automatic speech recognition
  • ASR experts and experienced software developers to support your work
  • Research data and materials ready for you to start
  • Opportunity to discuss future working opportunities at Mobirox for example in product/software development
  • Office close to Otaniemi campus

Sounds like your kind of Master’s Thesis or project work opportunity? Please submit your application letter, CV and your latest study record by latest on Monday 12.11. here: Please mention your possible starting date in your application documents. We go through applications already during the application period and might proceed in the recruitment process before the application deadline, so act fast!

You can familiarize yourself with Mobirox here: For more information about the recruitment process you can contact aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Vilma Järvinen (050 513 4740, vilma.jarvinen[at]

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