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Julkaistu 6 kesä 2018

Embelin produces efficient solutions in the area of embedded systems, information technology and data management. All in one package or the best possible combination, whatever is needed. We have gathered our knowledge and competence both doing different kinds of contract assignments with other high-tech companies and designing our own products.

Our own technology, methodology and design processes are kept in prime condition by following the latest research results, publications and literature. We have our hands on in the latest technical solutions. We aim to produce our end user solutions with the most efficient combination from the good and familiar as well as from the newest innovations.


Embelin is now looking for a skilled engineer to join their experienced team of 9 developers. We are looking for someone with a strong experience from own projects or someone who has already gained years of experience. The role can be customized to your skillset and projects you join will depend on your interests and skills. Our company does not hinder your talent by not supplying you with anything your task might need.

We can offer interesting projects especially for engineers interested in working with embedded systems. We are working with various technologies such Linux, Python, Java, JavaScript, .NET, C/C++, open source etc. but they are just few of the tech abbreviations we know, but they are also something what we are working with on daily basis.

What we are looking for?

  • Relevant IT related educational background (you can be at the final stage of your studies and a master thesis can be included for the job)
  • Good skills in at least in one object-oriented programming language and capability to learn new technologies quickly!
  • Prior experience most preferably from working life context
  • Willingness to work as a part of team
  • Enthusiasm and excellent problem-solving skills
  • Fluency in English (Finnish and German skills are considered as an advantage)

Why to join Embelin?

  • Our engineers have several years of experience from multiple projects- so you have a chance to learn from the best!
  • As a relatively small company, we can concentrate on single employee needs without forcing them to adjust to mundane routines. We provide benefits most big companies just can’t afford
  • Flexible working hours
  • You are developing something that really matters- you are able to see your own handprint from the projects

This is the perfect opportunity for you, right? Please send your CV and short cover letter to by latest on Wednesday 21st February. If possible, please attach some samples of your projects (e.g. GitHub-profile or project portfolio). Notice that we might continue with the most promising candidates right away before the deadline!

For more information, please contact aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Hanna Väisänen (+ 35840 5845425, hanna.vaisanen(at) To familiarize with Embelin, visit and

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