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Forestry value chain plays a significant role in the global economy and will have an important role in the fight against climate change and ensuring a high level of biodiversity. Yet over the last 100 years, decision-making in forestry has been largely based on rough estimates and averages. Silvere changes the game by bringing unforeseen practices to the field of forestry. By utilizing the latest technologies including robotics, 3D imaging, big data and advanced analytics, Silvere has redefined forest management and made it possible to analyze and plan the forest at the accuracy of an individual tree as well as automate every aspect of managing the forests.

What does Silvere do?

Silvere’s software engineering team is responsible for delivering a technology that builds a digital representation of each individual tree, simulates forest growth and optimizes forest operations. Their aim is to build a scalable microservices solution and to use infrastructure-as-code principles for provisioning them to the cloud. Challenges include for example building an efficient storage solution, implementing real-time analytics, data mining, machine learning, statistical and semantic knowledge analysis, and so forth. To solve these tasks Silvere’s team uses a spectrum of modern development techniques and technologies.

What is the role and requirements?

As a Software Engineer you will be involved in design, development, maintenance and testing of microservice solutions in forestry domain. You are passionate about functional programming, understand software design using this style and are capable of translating business requirements into abstractions of functional programming languages. A key technologies to work with in this role include Serverless applications, Swagger, GIS, React and ElasticSearch. To get started in the development team, previous server-side programming experience with JavaScript or Python is required. We hope also that you are a self-starter, enjoy problem solving and like to work as a part of a team.

You don’t have to be a master of everything as Silvere’s solution includes multiple technology domains and you have an opportunity to impact which domain you will be focusing on based on your skillset. If you want to have more insight on Silvere’s architectural mindset check out this video where Silvere’s Dmitry Kolesnikov is talking about migrating applications to cloud age:

What does Silvere offer you?

Silvere offers you an exceptional opportunity to develop your expertise with cloud development and big data. You will get to work with ambitious and talented colleagues and learn from the best technology experts. You get to put all your knowledge in use and challenge yourself with interesting tasks. In addition, you will be able to concentrate solely on work, when we will make sure that you have all the tools and facilities needed available in our modern premises in the Helsinki city center.

Got interested? Please send your CV and a short application letter to as soon as possible, but at the latest 23rd of June 2019. Please include in your application documents also links to any relevant work samples or demos you want to share with us. We might proceed with suitable applicants already during the application period. For more information about the company, take a look at For more information about the recruitment process contact aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Laura Isosomppi  (+358 44 55 777 37, laura.isosomppi[at]

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